what we do: education and training

South House Exchange partners have considerable combined experience in adult education programming. We have designed and developed professional training curricula for Canadian, multilateral (UN) and overseas institutions and organizations.

Some examples:

** Since 2000, SHE partners have been on the training team for the Aga Khan Foundation Canada’s International Development Management (IDM) seminar. This unique four week internship program gives a small group of young Canadian professionals the opportunity to learn about international development issues and program and project management from experts and practitioners in the field. We design, coordinate and deliver two of the four modules over the course of three weeks each year. The seminar precedes a 6-8 month field internship with one of AKFC's partners in Asia or Africa.

participants in the akfc international development management training seminar

** The International Human Rights Training Program of Equitas (formerly the Canadian Human Rights Foundation), is considered by many to be the foremost human rights education program in the world. The Program provides a unique opportunity for 120 human rights workers from over 60 countries to deepen their understanding of human rights and the essential role of human rights education in effecting change. SHE partners were instrumental in radically re-designing the curriculum in the mid-1990s. In the intervening years, SHE partners have worked with Equitas as instructors, evaluators and change advisors. Equitas is now engaged in a variety of other educational programming based on this model. A partner also worked on the design of a training seminar in India and Philippines for the “National Human Rights Commissions Linkages Project” of Equitas.

** In the mid-1990’s the Ontario Council for International Cooperation and the South Asia Partnership contracted South House Exchange to create an innovative training module, “Righting Development”, to help OCIC member agencies’ staff incorporate practical ways to integrate human rights with development programming. In several workshops we piloted an early “human-rights impact assessment” tool. A second training program, with a focus on Sri Lanka, was developed for the South Asia Partnership, "The Practice of Linking Human Rights and Development in Sri Lanka".

** A partner worked with the Centre for Management Development, and Human Systems Associates to design and deliver a seven week course in Project and Program Management for senior Thai civil servants from the National Education Commission, Royal Thai Government.

** One of the SHE partners has worked with a number of Canadian and United Nations bodies as an advisor on human rights curriculum and training strategies. Through the Canadian Human Rights Commission she was a consultant and facilitator for a planning exercise with members of national and state human rights commissions in Mexico, working on disability policy and programming.

** For the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) a SHE consultant worked with the Kyrgyzstan State University to create the framework for a new human rights curriculum on democracy and human rights.