what we do: learning and evaluation

Achieving an organizational mission involves more than better technologies and management systems. It means building human capacities to learn, think, act, and work together -- in our similarities and our differences. No organization stays the same: organizations grow, shrink, achieve and make mistakes.

South House Exchange partners have been involved in all of the processes and messiness of organizational change. We have guided complex strategic thinking and planning processes, facilitated efforts to diversify the workplace, to shift mindsets to new ways of working, to communicate more clearly across differences, to sort through difficult decisions and reframe problems as possible solutions.

working together on future options for icmd

Some examples are:

** A SHE partner facilitated organizational diagnostic and planning process with Equitas, a leading Canadian human rights organization. With the executive director, management team and board, one of our partners worked over the course of a year to address the challenges of rapid growth, clarify programming directions and overhaul the planning, budgeting and monitoring systems and internal communication mechanisms.

** Working with Amnesty International in Canada, the SHE partners have played a role in supporting Amnesty’s ongoing commitment to adapt to changing times and mandate, and to become a more culturally diverse organization. This has included a year-long organizational change process that involved two external consultants and four Amnesty staff in a series of participatory diagnostic and team development processes, including a full Appreciative Inquiry Summit; two institutional evaluations; support to an organization-wide strategic planning process; and coaching and accompaniment for a multi-year (seven year) policy and program development process to build cultural diversity.

** With the International Centre for Municipal Development (ICMD) at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, a SHE consultant worked with managers and staff to diagnose issues associated with Centre growth, build cross-Centre communication and clarify expectations and roles during a period of organizational change.

** Two partners accompanied a year-long merger process between PeaceFund Canada and Peace Brigades International Canada. We facilitated a key decision-making process on merger options; carried out a feasibility study for both parties, including financial analysis and scenarios, and facilitated joint board meetings in the early stages of the merger.

** With the Foundation for International Training, a SHE partner was an external advisor on a capacity-building project to strengthen organizational management in three civil society organizations in the Palestinian territories. The project involved strengthening a partnership among two community-based organizations and Birzeit University’s adult education department in the West Bank and Gaza through a strategic planning process, organizational development training for staff, and a project assessment.