affiliates: sas2 dialogue inc

sas2 dialogue incSAS2 Dialogue Inc. is led by Jacques Chevalier, Daniel Buckles and Michelle Bourassa. These three university-based researchers founded SAS2 (Social Analysis Systems), an innovative approach to collaborative research and social engagement.

SAS2 uses participatory tools, dialogue and structured thinking to create solutions appropriate to the resources, goals and aspirations of the people involved. It supports rigorous social analysis and the engagement of stakeholders to define, design and implement highly dynamic learning and action projects. SAS2 is used in many different fields in Canada and overseas: for strategic planning, social action research, monitoring and evaluation, project planning and conflict resolution. SAS2 practitioners in Canada are part of a growing international Community of Practice with members in Central and South America, and South Asia.

Two South House Exchange partners are certified SAS2 Practitioners, working with the support of SAS2 Dialogue to build these techniques into our consulting practice. We worked with Jacques Chevalier on the innovative SAS2-driven impact evaluation of the Canada World Youth international exchange program. Through the Ginger Group we are introducing this approach to our consulting networks across Canada.