affiliates: ginger group collaborative

richardThe Ginger Group is a dynamic community of practice network whose affiliates are organizational consultants, facilitators, educators, coaches and change agents. The group began informally in 2000 when Kate McLaren, Diana Smith and Anne Wright organized a series of retreats that have evolved over the years into an active network with over 18 affiliates from across Canada and the American northwest. The Ginger Group community is committed to collective discovery, innovation and applied learning, and to fostering learning and growth in complex human systems.

Twice a year, the affiliates gather for an “Inquiry”— a retreat space to innovate, question, and deepen their collective understanding of the complex environments where we live and work. Two South House Exchange partners and two of our associates are part of the Ginger Group. In Ottawa, a regional Ginger Group “node” of seven consultants has been working with the Housing Branch at the City of Ottawa and with several local agencies to address issues of homelessness. Part of this work included a research brief on newcomers at risk of homelessness for a city sector plan on homelessness.